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What You Need to Know About The Bankruptcy Center

Skoubye Nielson & Johansen, LLC (The Bankruptcy Center) can help you file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

We help clients file for bankruptcy! The bankruptcy section at Skoubye Nielson & Johansen is built on deep heritage of legal experience and practice.

In January of 2002, Jeff B. Skoubye joined with David R. Nielson and Justin R. Olsen to form what is now known as Skoubye, Nielson & Johansen, LLC. 

Mark B. Thornton joined the firm in 2015, assisting consumer and commercial clients with wide array of legal issues.  In 2019, Mark Thornton began seriously focusing on bankruptcy, working as co-counsel with Jeffrey H. Hagen (Whatcott, Barrett & Hagen, PC) on consumer bankruptcy filings and adversary proceedings.  Over the prior twenty five years, Jeff Hagen helped more people file for bankruptcy than any other attorney or law firm in Utah, making him the most experienced bankruptcy attorney in the state. The same year, Mark Thornton started the bankruptcy section at Skoubye Nielson & Johansen (doing business as The Bankruptcy Center).

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