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Experienced Utah attorneys helping you use bankruptcy to retake control.

More than 175 years of accumulated practice.


Guidance Every Step Of The Way

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that can help you retake control of your finances and get your life back on track. We will help you understand your options so you can make informed decisions that serve your long-term interests.

Making Your Bankruptcy Easy

Starting on day one, an attorney and paralegal will be assigned to your case to walk you through every stage of the process. We will help you use bankruptcy to either or reorganize your debt into manageable payments or to liquidate it (get rid of it).

About Our Bankruptcy Services


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Liquidate your debts under Chapter 7. 


A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is what many people are thinking of when they think of bankruptcy. The process typically lasts 4-6 months.  During the bankruptcy process certain nonexempt (unprotected) assets may be sold to pay debts. After the process is complete, most debts are wiped out.  


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Re-organize and repay your debt under Chapter 13.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect nonexempt (unprotected) assets from being sold (which may happen under Chapter 7).  However, in exchange, the process requires a plan to make payments of some or all debts over 36-60 months (3-5 years).  After the process is complete, most debts are wiped out.  


Pricing and Scheduling

How much does a bankruptcy cost, and how long does it take?


The initial consultation is free!

During the free consultation, we can help you decide if filing for bankruptcy makes sense at all, and if so, whether filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is better. Once we know a little about your case, we will clearly let you know, in writing, exactly how much your bankruptcy will cost.



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The Bankruptcy Center

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Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy can be very personal.  So we want to know you, and want you to know us.  

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